Multi-unit Services

Better for them. better for you. just plain better.

What we offer

Upgraded future-proof fiber optic wiring

Condo Buildings

Condo Buildings

Provide excellent service and improve property values. We work with property managers and board members to develop custom solutions for their communications needs.

Apartment Communities

Apartment Complexes

DSI fiber-fed high speed internet is an ace in the hand for value. In an increasingly connected life, high speed and reliable internet is a top resident priority. Put their mind at ease with DSI.

Tiny & Mobile Home Villages

Tiny and Mobile Homes

Taking tiny and mobile home villages into the future with fiber-optic internet and television. Part-time residents even get a free vacation hold for up to 6 months making us a perfect fit for snowbirds and wanderlusters alike.

New Construction

DSI partners with new home and commercial construction projects to provide the latest in high speed fiber optic services. We have a history in construction and know how to respect and improve builder work flows preventing delays and providing solutions that save builders on construction costs. Having DSI high speed fiber standard in your home projects increases real market value as buyers are increasingly reliant on reliable connectivity.

Why DSI Stream?

High speed guaranteed service

DSI is a veteran owned and operated business that specializes in the highest quality fiber optic internet and television service. When you choose DSI Stream, you’re choosing a service for your residents that offers the most flexibility, affordability, and freedom for both cord cutters and those who want local tv alike. It is truly the best of both worlds. You get the option to have only internet or internet AND television without paying bloated rates for a single service. For our multi-unit buildings, bulk and exclusive pricing agreements are available. Our reliability and exceptional customer service shines through when new customers establish service. It is DSI’s dedication to service that is the clear difference between us and our competitors. So why DSI? Because you want the most flexible, reliable, high-speed, and affordable service in the industry.

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